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Tian Gong International

Originally Tian Gong is a Qi Gong school from China. Since 1994 Tiang Gong has been spreading out in the US and since 1998 also in Europe.


The first European Tian Gong activities took place in Spain in 1998. Beside Valencia and Tenerife Tiang Gong seminars and courses are currently promoted in other parts of Spain and the Spanish Islands. Many Spanish friends of Tiang Gong go ahead and teach basic practices as well as beginner’s exercises.  In addition to this, extra seminars are held by Master Tianying herself several times a year.
After ‘The Asociación de Tian Gong en Canarias’ a new non-profit Tian Gong institution has been founded in Zaragoza: ‘The Asociación de Tian Gong Zaragoza’. Both associations have made it their mission to spread Tiang Gong in Spain so that people who are searching for methods of self-healing and spiritual process will find this in Tiang Gong practices taught by certified Tian Gong practitioners.
Find out more on Tian Gong’s Spanish websites: www.tiangong.es

Contact Information

Tian Gong Association of the Canary Islands (Asociación Tian Gong Canarias)
E-Mail: tiangongcanarias@gmail.com

Tian Gong Association Zaragoza (Asociación Tian Gong Zaragoza)
E-Mail: asociaciontiangong@gmail.com


Contact person: Marie Lindberg
Mobile:    + 49 157 73 83 08 32
Phone: + 49 30 25 79 97 95
E-Mail: info@tiangong.no

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